How it Works


As a CASH Member - Referral Partner

You can choose from a list of qualified professional contractors for your project. Once the service call is complete you pay your contractor. But is doesn't end there. If you refer your friends or family and send them your referal code, when they contact a contractor through CASH and complete their can receive money in your account!

Creating an account is easy and uses PayPal to make receiving payments simple. Simply refer your friends to use our reliable contractors and you earn cash for their service calls. All you need is a PayPal account. When someone you’ve referred uses the service you will receive a percentage deposited to your PayPal account. Once you’ve referred someone this cash back will be linked to your C.A.S.H. account for any future service calls as well.  Build your referred accounts to maximize your cash,there is no limit on how many referrals you can have. No bank account information is needed and transactions are secure.

To send a referal link log into your account and select referral from the left hand navigation. Enter the person’s email address you wish to refer the email referral link too and hit send. Once they create an account you will be attached for all future projects as their referring partner.

As a CASH Member - Contractor

Get motivated customers that are looking for your service.

You dont pay anything until you complete the job, and then its only a small 7% fee of the total invoice.

Customers come to you with guaranteed service calls. The CASH members are referral based and compensated from completed service calls and pre-qualified. You don’t pay for leads you pay for work! A CASH member will enter their job and select which contractors they want to work with. You only pay when you have the job and the work is completed. Other sites can send you leads but only C.A.S.H. gives you guaranteed service calls. No Bank Account information is required and everything is secure. The more projects you complete with positive ratings, the more service calls you get! CASH members choose you, and YOU choose the CASH member you want to schedule for a guaranteed service call..